Thermal Store Calculator

Identify your thermal storage requirements and see what the laws of physics say about the trade-offs of alternative technologies and tariff types. (See the notes below for more details).

Applications Notes:

  • The performance of practical “sensible heat” thermal storage is very sensitive to how well optimised (or adaptive) the system is to times of consumption times and how effective it is in minimising reheating during peaks times to meet additional requirements.
  • The storage parameters of this simulator currently only support “sensible heat” and not phase change or other methods of thermal storage. The internals of this calculator are basic laws of physics and opinions on what input parameters should be may vary.
  • TIme shifted heat pump generated heat is most efficient at lower temperatures, which can still provide useful capacity to time shift energy, but will be more limited. The balance between COP gains and thermal capacity benefits at different operating temperaures can be calculated in the calculator.