Thermal Storage

Thermal storage provides a great way to economically migrate fossil fuel heating to greener electrical heating. The majority of energy consumed in many countries is for heating and thermal storage can provide a cheap method of minimising operating costs when combined with variable rate tariffs, solar and other micro-generating technologies.

Read more about the importance of high capacity energy storage and grid energy generation here. Thermal storage for keeping cool is another area of themal storage, with its own challenges in terms of capacity to cool at the scales of homes and buildings however architects of some newer large buildings projects are begining to factor in large thermal storage solutions to minimise heating and cooling costs at the same time.

If you have solar at home or for your business then a well managed thermal store can help you utilise your investment to it full potential. Smarter solar diverters can substanitally increase the proportion of the storage that is heated for free AND provide enough heat when it is needed compared to dumber systems. Read more on how this is achived here.

There is much to consider when choosing to electrify heating and you may be surprised the potential cost benefits of using thermal storage, even when reliant entirely on grid power. With flat rate electricity costs compared to new time of use tariffs find out what is available in your area and try out our thermal store calculator to check operating costs vs. other options including heat pumps.